Friday, 15 September 2017

Foodie Friday- Try Out Eggsmart

Yes yes I know. Yet another breakfast place. This one happened by accident. If I am going  to be honest though, with the move I didn't want to cook. So take out and dining out it was! We were waiting for Costco to open one day, because we had a ton of things to do that day, when we saw Eggsmart and decided to try it. I can't say I regret my decision. 

As a lover of poutines and eggs benedict, imagine my excitement when I saw that this place had a combination of the two. It was like I died and went to heaven. OMG. Bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheese, hollandaise sauce and egg! Count me in! My mouth is watering and now I want to go back. It was just that good!

If you're going to do a dish like that, I suggest splitting it in two and taking half of it home with you. It is just too big to try and eat all in one sitting.

Rion had a meat and jalapeno filled omelette. I am not a fan of omelettes. I don't really like scrambled eggs to begin with, but even I have to admit it looked delicious. With toast and potatoes on the side, I knew automatically this was going to be a favourite for him and I was not wrong.

The staff were also extremely friendly, and the food came out relatively quickly, which  was surprising considering how packed it was in there. Overall this was a big hit with us! Can't wait to go back!

What is your favourite breakfast place? What is your favourite dish? Let me know in the comment section below.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Welcome to My Town Part 2: Checking Out a Little Restaurant

The one thing I noticed about my town? Most of the restaurants have great food, but the places themselves are a little run down. I have seen enough of Hell's Kitchen to know that if you plan on bringing in the people, you need to make sure that your restaurant looks appealing. That being said, as the new people on the block we get to take advantage of our "new" status and check out places that I may not have normally tried.

So walking around downtown we saw a little place called Jim's. Their speciality is Greek and Italien cuisine. An interesting combination, but nonetheless I wanted to check it out. So off the bat I noticed we were the only people in the restaurant. Okay not bad at 11:30am, but the restaurant also looked like it hadn't be redecorated in at least 20 years. Sometimes that works well for the atmosphere, sometimes not so much. This time was definitely the latter.

So Rion ordered a burger, and I had the pork souvalki dinner, complete with salad and rice. Apparently there was no pork, so I had to go with the chicken. Oh well no big deal. We also showed up a half hour after the restaurant opened, but yet we were told that it would take a bit for the grills to heat up... not exactly what people want to hear. I didn't think it was the most professional, but oh what the hell.

30 mins went by and then finally it we got our food. At first glance the dishes were huge. Like I only got through 1/3 of the dinner. Well at least I had leftovers for a few days. Rion's burger was also massive.  Now that we saw it, it was time for a taste test.

So how was it? Well Rion's was juicy and tender. The outside was a little burnt, but overall it was great. My dinner was also good. The chicken was a little burnt on the outside and it was a little bland, but overall I would recommend it to other people. The rice was delicious and the salad was okay. Unfortunately there was not really any Greek dressing on it,  so that was a little frustrating.

Well that was my first impressions of this place. I can't wait to try out the next place! I am looking forward to it!

Which do you prefer? Italien or Greek cuisine? Why? Let me know in the comment section below!


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How To Choose The Right Colour For A Room In Your House

So I am all about the decorating life. I am constantly thinking of how I want my house to look, and how I am going to achieve it. A few weeks ago I posted about needing some colour inspiration for my house. It turns out though I may not be able to paint everything as quickly as I would have liked. Apparently there is some much needed work to be done at the house than we originally had realized. That being said though, it didn't stop me from buying paints and also looking for more inspiration.

Apparently there is a lot more that goes into choosing paint colours. You want to choose colours that are going to work well with a room. Sometimes a certain colour just doesn't work in the room you're trying to put it in. If you are having a tough time trying to figure out which colour to put in a room then check out these different colours here!

Red is a very stimulating colour, so definitely keep it out of children's bedrooms. Unless you want them up all night. This colour is great for a room that will have a lot of foot traffic. Try to keep it in your dining room, hallways or even play rooms.

This cheerful colour also works really well with rooms that are used quite a bit. Try to keep it out of bedrooms and the office. Instead put it into your hallways, kitchen, dining room, living room and family room. Not willing to paint it on your walls? Try having it as an accent colour instead! It is much more toned down than a wall, but still gives it a pop of colour!

Yellow is a very warm and bright colour. If you have a room that receives little to no natural sunlight, try painting it yellow. It can be overwhelming though, so pair it against a colour such as grey, white or light blue to tone it down. This is a great choice for your kitchens, living rooms or family rooms.

Bedrooms are a great place for this colour. That is because it has a calm soothing affect on the person. It also works well in your kitchens. Keep this colour in rooms that have a warm feel and has lots of natural sunlight. Green in a cold room does nothing to make it feel warmer and inviting.

This is a common colour put into bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. That is because it is immediately a soothing and relaxing colour, which is exactly what you want in these rooms.  It also helps a small room look bigger. That is perfect for a small bathroom!

This is a colour that be very overwhelming and sometimes even a little draining. If you plan to use violet in a room try to just keep it to an accent wall.  Lilac and lavender though are both good colours for bedrooms.

White can be used in any room. It can make it look clean and inviting.  It goes well with any other colour, and allows the focus of the room be placed on the furniture, paintings or accents. It also is a great way to make a room look bigger than it is.

It is a general no no to put black paint on walls. It creates a negative, draining affect. Because it is more of a masculine colour, it is sometimes used in bachelor pads, and can create a modern sleek look. Instead though try to just use the colour in little accents placed around the room.

What is your favourite colour to paint a room in? Did anything on this list surprise you? Let me know in the  comment section below!


Monday, 11 September 2017

My New Kitchen... So Far

No one told me that when you move you will eat a lot of takeout. I mean A LOT. I did so well with batch cooking till close to the end, but it still didn't seem like enough. To be honest I am kinda sick and tired of takeout/delivery/restaurants. I have been dying for a home cooked meal.

We knew before moving in that we would literally have no kitchen. That's right, legit no kitchen. There was a stove, and a sink, but no no fridge, cupboards or counter tops. That was fine because we found a cheap one from Ikea that we actually liked. So we started working away. Well not me per say, I let the strong men deal with that one. It was to save my sanity and theirs.

So the boys started  tearing walls, and flooring. Turns out there was 7 layers of flooring underneath, with no concrete slab as the foundation. That was another problem, which will be discussed another day. They had to rewire electrical and fix plumbing. The tearing down took a hell of a lot longer than anticipated. I am assuming that is typical in houses. I wouldn't know, since this is my first home.

Next came the flooring. We bought this great looking floor and Rion installed it himself with the help of a neighbour. The floor turned out great. Which is fantastic since we bought it for the rest of the house. I really think it brightens the house.

Finally the cabinets, sink and faucet. Even though there were some minor issues with the counter tops, I have to say that Rion, my dad and my brother did a great job working on it. It  took a bit to assemble, but I have to say I really like it.

You may notice I have no top cupboards. Unfortunately I have no space above the counter to put them. Our ceiling is too low for right now. So we have bought a few shelves that I am looking forward to putting up. We also have a bookcase where all of our pantry food will go, and a bar for the dishes to go into it.

So that is where we're at right now. Obviously there is a lot left to do. We don't even have handles on the drawers and doors, or the kitchen painted, but it is a great start. I am so proud and grateful for anyone and everyone who has worked on this kitchen. It looks fabulous!

Why am I telling you  all of this? Because I am ridiculously excited to make my first meal here tonight. Like extremely excited. I am sure you have all felt that way.

Any tips for setting up a kitchen? I would love to know! Let me know in the comment section below!


Friday, 8 September 2017

Foodie Friday- How to Make a Teriyaki Steak Stir Fry

Last week on Instagram I asked a question. I asked people to suggest a meat, a vegetable and a spice. While I only got one answer, it was fun to try out and I will be doing more in the future. So thank you to The Creation Of Beauty Is Art for suggesting - beef, broccoli, and pepper. That inspired me to try a stirfry! It was delicious!

Since I am staying at moms for a week while I am working, I was so excited to try out her kitchen. It has been over a month since I cooked last and OMG was I itching to get in there! Cooking in someone else's kitchen always presents some challenges. You don't know where things are, sometimes they are really small, and sometimes they just don't  have all the ingredients. So it made for an interesting time, but I will say this. My mom's stove is 100x better than my old stove. When it says it is cooking at medium heat, it is cooking at medium heat. Loved it!


  • 1 steak cut into bite size pieces. You want a thinner steak, so a cheap piece of meat will do just fine.  
  • 1 bell pepper cut into strips
  • 1 broccoli
  • 2 tbsp of teriyaki sauce
  • 1.5 tbsp of garlic powder
  • 2 tbsp of cajun spices
  • 1 tsp of pepper


  1. Cut steak into bite size pieces. Fry in a frying pan with a little bit of butter for about 15-20 mins (over medium heat).
  2. While the steak is frying, boil the broccoli until it is it is tender. Cook for 10 mins.
  3. Cut the bell pepper and mix it with steak.
  4. Once the broccoli is cooked, drain and mix with the steak. Once everything is mixed together sprinkle the seaonings over top and stir it around.
  5. In the last 2-3 mins pour the teriyaki sauce over the meat. Stir and then serve. You can serve it over rice or noodles. I just decided to have it on it's own. It was delicious!
Now that I have a kitchen to cook in again I can't wait to cook even more! What did you make this week? I would love to see your recipes!


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Welcome To My New Town! Check Out Our New Breakfast Place!

So I am officially in my new house. I have to admit it is a little weird. I own a house. I never thought that would happen. Now I get to explore a new town and enjoy some new experiences. So over the next three weeks (on Wednesdays) , I want to show you a little bit of my town and the different restaurants it has!

So here is our new favourite breakfast place! I believe that every town you live in, you need that go to breakfast place. This one is ours and we found it long before we moved up here. It's called Eggsquis! It was the highest rated breakfast place in Belleville. So of course we had to check it out and we were not disappointed!

As soon as we asked for coffee we were given a craft of coffee and it was left at our table. Most restaurants are so focused on inventory and costs, that they would never do something like this. So this was a nice surprise.

Rion had a delicious breakfast with baked beans, sausages, eggs, bacon, a crape and toast. The dish was massive, but he devoured every bite. He loved it!

I chose what was called the Mediterranean Casserole. It comes Potatoes mixed with pesto, feta, olives and tomatoes (I chose to nix the tomatoes), hollandaise sauce on top with a fried egg. It was quite delicious. I will say this though, all those tastes mixed together made my taste buds go into overload. So I may not go with this particular dish again. I will try one of their other casseroles next time.

What do you think of our new breakfast place? Doesn't the food look delicious? Tell me what your favourite place is! I am curious!


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Creative Tip Tuesday- 3 Tips On How to Find Magic at Flea Markets and Garage Sales

Are you a sucker for a good deal? I know I am. I will look high and low for a good deal anywhere. I have always been like that. With a mother who taught me the value of garage sale hopping at a young age, a father who refuses to pay full price and a brother who comes out with the most interesting finds, I guess you could say it's in my genes!

One of my favourite activities to do on a Sat or Sun is to go find beautiful treasures at yard sales or at flea markets. I would come home all excited to show off my new finds. I have noticed though, that with the internet, and auction shows, it is becoming more and more difficult to find great finds at great prices. Now everyone seems to be knowledgeable in the worth of something, so now they are charging a higher price. Can you blame them? No probably not. I can't blame someone for wanting to make back some of the money they spent on their toys, trinkets and furniture. But from a buyer's stand point it sucks.

Even though garage sale season is almost over, flea markets are usually open all year round. Here is some tips on how to find great pieces to diy or to craft with!

  1. Dig Deep. Most people will put their best pieces up front. That usually means that they are a bit more expensive. Dig around and look for pieces that have paint chipping off, little dings and other minor issues like that. Usually if the  pieces have noticeable imperfections (that you can fix), you can haggle and get it for a cheaper price. That leads me to my next point.
  2. Haggle. I will admit I don't so well with this one. Particularly because I get super nervous talking to people, but if you do it properly you can totally get the price lowered. There is no reason why you should have to pay for their original price, especially if there are lots of imperfections to it.
  3. Do your research. If they can do it why can't you? When we decide to go to yard sales, we normally spend Friday night doing our research. We check out what they have, where they're located and what time they start. This helps us to plan out our route. Overkill? Maybe, but it has also allowed us to find some really great items that I can work with. 

I am a big believer of purchasing items at flea markets and yard sales. I hope after this you are too. What are some of your tips for finding treasures?